ATC Barcelona: Top Ten Reasons to Attend

The Advanced Technology Conference (ATC) in Barcelona is the premier event for cosmetic scientists, researchers and formulators. Focusing on skin care, a global market that is expected to reach US$5.8 billion by 2008, this conference will provide critical data that will make an immediate impact on your research and formulating goals. Join industry leaders and your peers at this year’s signature conference.

Here are the top 10 reasons to attend:

10. Location, Location, Location—Barcelona's location on the shores of the Mediterranean means that it enjoys a warm, welcoming climate and pleasant temperatures all year round. The city has over two miles of perfectly equipped beaches, amazing restaurants and numerous cultural highlights.

9. Gaining Leverage—In our fiercely competitive industry, learn from some of the industry’s best who are willing to share findings from their own research. With the ever-booming skin care industry, knowledge is critical.

8. Skin Sector—The skin care market dominates in personal care and is expected to grab 60% of the total cosmetic revenue by 2007.

7. Networking Opportunities—Highly interactive discussions for attendees to partake in and learn from industry peers and experts.

6. C&T Content Live— This conference resembles no other because it combines the two sides of this industry—research and application—for a unique event.

5. Mini-symposium—The talks, as a whole, touch upon each of the important aspects of skin. Given this, the conference offers a relevant overview of the industry, rather than concentration in just one arena.

4. Exceptional Speakers—International innovators and experts dominate the speaker list for the ATC Barcelona market.

3. Group Discussion—At the end of each session day, the conference chair will lead the group of attendees in brainstorming discussions based on the day’s talks. Often, these open discussions are the beginnings of true breakthroughs.

2. Strong Chairs—International skin expert and innovator Johann Wiechers will chair the skin science track. The credentials he carries are prestigious enough to compel you to attend.

1. It's All About You—You owe it to yourself to attend this high-end event and ensure your own marketability and growth. ATC is geared around you to support your education.

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