Baschong to Address Skin Moisturization and UV Damage, Aging at ATC Barcelona

Werner Baschong, Ph.D. (Ciba Specialty Chemicals) will discuss skin moisturization relative to UV damage and controlling premature skin aging at ATC Barcelona, held in conjunction with in-cosmetics, April 3 and 4, 2006, in

Barcelona . According to Baschong, skin aging is a natural biological process and cannot be reversed by cosmetic preparations, yet the progress of skin aging is influenced strongly by individual lifestyle and exposure to environmental stress, especially to UV light.



He says that alleviation of skin aging should take place on three levels: 1) by minimizing the impact of UV via sun avoidance or protection, 2) by immediately and persistently replenishing skin moisture to prevent further desiccation and sustain skin barrier repair, and 3) by improving defense and repair within the viable skin by means of transporting skin actives in a controlled fashion beyond the skin barrier to their site of action.



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