Callaghan to Present the Facts of Cellulite

Theresa Callaghan, director of business development for proDerm Institute for Applied Dermatological Research, will present, "Is Cellulite an Aging Phenomenon?" at Allured's Advanced Technology Conference (ATC) Barcelona, to be held in conjunction with in-cosmetics.

As technology advances so does the image of the "perfect body." According to Callaghan, the "Western" consumer culture latches onto the prevalent self-preservation concept of the body, which encourages the individual to adopt strategies to combat aging. Obsession and preoccupation with the body has continued to increase, and Western culture continues to be obsessed with female body size and shape, seeing fatness and thinness as ultimate statements of their worth rather than descriptions of the ratio of fat body tissue to lean body tissue and body mass index.

There is little coherency or consistency within the scientific literature as to the manifestation of so-called cellulite, which is neither a skin disorder, disease, nor a tissue dystrophy. It is an inevitable reality of the genetic makeup of the female human species interlinked with steroid hormones and external influences. Cellulite is a condition that needs to be managed since it cannot be cured inside the strict confines of cosmetic definition.

From a scientific viewpoint, a clearer understanding of the influences on adipose tissue metabolism, and connective tissue structure, is required for the development of new test methods in order to advance a more rational approach to understanding cellulite. Furthermore, the development of clinical methods, which can correlate in vitro studies, will finally bring logic and understanding to the scientific literature, the condition, and ultimately manage the continued expectations and unmet needs of the consumer.

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