C&T Strengthens Expert Guidance with Kenvue, L'Oréal Sci-Comm Board Additions

(from L): Emma Kohring, Kenvue, and Isabelle Castiel-Higounenc, PharmD., Ph.D., of L'Oréal R&I
(from L): Emma Kohring, Kenvue, and Isabelle Castiel-Higounenc, PharmD., Ph.D., of L'Oréal R&I

Cosmetics & Toiletries (C&T) is thrilled to welcome Emma Kohring, of Kenvue, and Isabelle Castiel-Higounenc, PharmD., Ph.D., of L'Oréal R&I, to the Scientific Advisory Board. While both advisors' experiences are deeply rooted in science and R&D, their current roles bring a new layer of expertise that reflects an emerging reality the industry currently faces (especially with the advent of social media)  the need for scientific communication (sci-comm).

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Emma Kohring is Global R&D Communications Leader at Kenvue. She has more than 20 years of experience at multinational corporations such as Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble and currently Kenvue. With a robust foundation in R&D, she pioneers groundbreaking narratives in health and beauty. She earned her undergrad degree in biochemistry from Birmingham University, UK.

Isabelle Castiel-Higounenc, PharmD., Ph.D., is Innovation Valorization Director of Communications and Engagement for L'Oréal R&I. She is a dermo-pharmacologist specialized in skin and hair research with 30 years of experience in the dermo-cosmetic industry. With a Ph.D. in dermopharmacology by training, in collaboration with Paris-Saclay University, Leiden University (Holland) and Galderma, her areas of expertise include skin care biology including microbiome, photoprotection, pigmentation and aging in cosmetics or foods. For the past 10 years, she has focused on communication, supporting researchers from all domains and other teams in their science mediation activities. She is passionate about science and sharing. 

"C&T has always focused on the science of beauty but in recent years, the credibility of our industry has been questioned," said Rachel Grabenhofer, managing scientific editor, C&T. "Misinformation and the general lack of critical thinking by consumers has put us in a position where we need well-informed, insightful communicators to speak out loud enough to cut through the noise of junk science." She added that miscommunication between R&D and marketing further convolute the situation.

"We're excited to welcome Emma and Isabelle to the board not only for their expertise in biochemistry, pharmacology and skin biology, but also to learn from their experiences as scientific communicators. We anticipate this will help C&T to find new ways to advocate for our industry, while also inspiring and educating product developers as we have for over 100 years."

As a trusted business-to-business trade publication for cosmetic product development, C&T has served the cosmetics R&D industry for more than 100 years (under various titles) as a platform for ideas and scientific exchange. The brand’s quality and direction are driven by the insights and acumen of the aforementioned Scientific Advisory Board, which is continually adapted and expanded to ensure this historic brand keeps apace with a dynamic market.

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