Cosmetics & Toiletries Elevates, Expands Scientific Advisory Board

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As a historic, trusted resource for beauty innovation, Cosmetics & Toiletries (C&T) has served the cosmetics R&D industry for decades as a platform for ideas and scientific exchange. The brand’s quality and direction are driven by the insights and acumen of the Scientific Advisory Board, which is continually adapted and expanded to ensure this established brand keeps apace with a dynamic market.

C&T is an old brand – a mainstay in our market,” said Rachel Grabenhofer, managing scientific editor. “To make sure we breathe fresh new life into it, we’re always looking for knowledge gaps and emerging areas to add relevant experts to our Scientific Advisory Board.” She added that in recent years, the brand has welcomed several new scientific advisers to energize and elevate the expertise in this core group of individuals.

“I want to highlight and thank our amazing new members to demonstrate, for readers, the scientific aptitude helping us to shape the content we present. I also anticipate, based on some emerging market trends, new additions will come in 2024. Finally, I want to graciously thank the 'backbone' group that’s been with us for some time – many for my whole 22+ years with magazine."

To see the full biographies of the Scientific Advisory Board, visit the advisors' page.

This year’s (2023) prestigious additions include:

  • Anne-Sophie Brillouet, senior director, R&D skin health, Kenvue (previously Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health) – expertise includes sun protection and anti-aging innovation;
  • Kelly Dobos, cosmetic chemist, consultant and professor, University of Cincinnati – expertise includes cosmetic chemistry and color and skin care;
  • Linda C. Foltis, consultant and former VP R&D, Function of Beauty – expertise includes personalized hair care and thought leadership;
  • Katerina Steventon, Ph.D., director and consultant, Skincare Consultancy Ltd., and UK Cosmetics Cluster – expertise includes transdermal absorption, skin biology and wound care; and
  • Akshay Talati, R.Ph., VP product development and research innovation, Goop – expertise includes skin and hair care, pharmacology, color and dietary supplements.

Leading experts joining in recent years included:

  • Jean-Christophe Choulot, Ph.D., R&D director, Caudalíe – expertise includes natural actives, pharmaceutical sciences and toxicology;
  • Hemali Gunt, Ph.D., head of clinical and scientific affairs, Burt’s Bees – expertise includes science behind natural solutions and clinical testing for skin benefits;
  • Steve Schnittger, Ph.D., consultant and industry expert; most recently VP global microbiology and fermentation in R&D, the Estée Lauder Cos. – expertise includes preservation, fermentation and formulation; and
  • Debbie Waite, co-chief executive officer, Steinberg & Associates, Inc. – expertise includes cosmetic regulatory affairs, marketing and claims compliance

Finally, the highly esteemed, dedicated backbone members of the Scientific Advisory Board include:

  • Eric Abrutyn, consultant, TPC2 Advisors Ltd., Inc. – expertise includes antiperspirants, deodorants and hair and skin care;
  • Zoe Diana Draelos, M.D., physician, Dermatology Consulting Services – expertise includes cosmetics, toiletries and biologically active skin medications;
  • Angela Eppler, Ph.D., senior principal scientist, Haleon (formerly GSK and Pfizer) – expertise includes formulation and design for topical skin care, skin absorption and metabolism and skin irritation;
  • Trefor Evans, Ph.D., director of research and institute fellow, TRI Princeton, and consultant, TA Evans LLC – expertise includes hair and hair measurement science and claims substantiation;
  • S. Peter Foltis, Pharm.D., consultant; previous director of scientific affairs, skin care, L’Oréal USA – expertise includes pharmacology, drug delivery, photoprotection strategies, dosage form stablization;
  • Mindy Goldstein, Ph.D., consultant, Mindy S. Goldstein Consulting, and previously VP R&D, Atlantic Coast Media Group – expertise includes UV and gamma radiation damage to DNA, DNA repair and encapsulation and controlled release;
  • John Jiménez, senior researcher, Belcorp – expertise includes skin care, personal care and sun care formulation, neuromarketing, trend hunting and innovation pipeline development;
  • Karl Laden, Ph.D., technical manager, Alpa Cosmetics – expertise includes regulatory and technical support, hair removal products and skin care;
  • Prithwiraj Maitra, Ph.D., executive director, strategic product development and innovation: consumer goods and skin care, AbbVie – expertise includes upstream innovation, skin care, skin delivery, anti-aging, anti-acne, sun and body, skin brightening;
  • Howard I. Maibach, M.D., dermatologist and professor, University of California, San Francisco – expertise includes dermatitis, dermatology, allergic disorders, toxicity related to skin conditions and dermatopharmacology;
  • Jennifer Marsh, Ph.D., research fellow, Procter & Gamble – expertise includes bleach and oxidative chemistry for hair color technologies;
  • Marc Pissavini, Ph.D., basic research director, Coty-Lancaster Monaco – expertise includes sun care and testing, SPF measurements, photostability, and texture and sensory measurements;
  • Luigi M. Rigano, consultant and previously owner, L. Rigano Laboratories, now controlled by LabAnalysis Group srl – expertise includes technical support, formulation, tolerability, and efficacy and sensory testing of cosmetics;
  • Ron Sharpe, research fellow – open innovation, new ventures, science and systems, Amway Corp. – expertise includes skin care, personal care, color cosmetics, product development for Asian market, skin imaging and bio-instrumentation, skin aging, genomics and sustainability;
  • Les Smith, Ph.D., chief scientific and regulatory officer, La Perla Beauty – expertise includes basic research, fragrance technology, analytics, safety and toxicology;
  • Peter Tsolis, vice president, skin care R&D, The Estée Lauder Cos. – expertise includes innovation, business development, skin care formulation, delivery systems, optimizing formulas, marketing and new technologies; and
  • Shuliang Zhang, Ph.D., senior director, Coty Testing Institute – expertise includes consumer and clinical testing in skin care and color cosmetics, skin as a substrate, skin cleansing and care technologies.

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