Mettler Toledo Unveils Inspection Systems

Mettler Toledo Pack Expo 2021 T60 Series

Mettler Toledo Product Inspection has announced it will showcase several technologies at Pack Expo, which will take place September 27-29, 2021.

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The company’s metal detectors, check weighers, machine vision systems, x-ray inspection systems, and Track and Trace solutions will be demonstrated for free-flowing and bulk products, packaged products, pharmaceutical products, rigid containers, pumped food products and unwrapped and unpackaged products.

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Among these inspection systems, two metal detectors for wet and dry environments and an x-ray system for high-speed confectionary lines will also be demonstrated.

Additionally, a Mettler Toledo load cell, FlashCell, will be demonstrated on a C35 check weigher. FlashCell reportedly enables industry-leading throughputs at speeds of up to 800 ppm. Systems with FlashCell are able to process products more quickly and reduce product giveaway through greater weighing precision. Manufacturers will also benefit from smaller footprints to better fit equipment within limited factory floor space.

Specific to the pharmaceutical sector, the T60 Integrated 360 Series provides serialization and aggregation of bottles and vials. The solution gives a 360-degree picture of a large range of round containers, enabling it to read and verify the small product or serialization codes printed directly onto the bottle or onto the applied labels.

Finally, Mettler Toledo will also demonstrate its connectivity and data management solutions.

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