Cosmetics & Toiletries Debuts 2021 Editorial Calendar


Led by our esteemed scientific advisory board, and entrusted by 56,000+ cosmetic scientists, R&D influencers and allied professionals, Cosmetics & Toiletries delivers first-rate content on formulating, research, regulation and testing to support creative and inventive cosmetic product development.

While the post-COVID-19 scene is under construction, product developers and ingredient suppliers see clear paths forward—and C&T is designed to help drive those directions. Here's our editorial road map for 2021. Use this to leverage opportunities across the C&T media universe throughout the year. For information on marketing campaigns, contact Jolly Patel.

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Skin Care: Hydration, Soothing, Barrier Repair
Health & Hygiene: Hand Sanitizers, Antimicrobials, Microbiome
Expert Opinions: Skin Health & Hygiene


Hair and Scalp Care: Scalp Health, Conditioning, Sensory Effects
Dyes and Relaxers: Color Treatment, Chemical Straightening, Hair Repair
Expert Opinions: Damage Control in Hair


Color Cosmetics: Radiance & Glow, Pigment Technologies, Sticks and Balms
Naturals: Bio-derived, Renewable, Eco-friendly
Expert Opinions: Engaging Consumers with New Forms and Functions


Sun Care: UV, IR and Blue Light Protection, SPF Testing, Films and Dispersion
Anti-aging: Antioxidants, Skin Lightening, Energizing Skin
Expert Opinions: Full Spectrum Skin Protection


Skin Health: Microbiome, Anti-stress, CBD, Humectants
Back to Basics: pH and Stability, Rheology, Preservation
Expert Opinions: Restoring Skin's Homeostasis


Hair Protection: Oils and Films, Silicones, Color Care
Hand Care: Masks, Moisturizers, Cleansing
Expert Opinions: Rebuilding Keratin in Skin and Hair

July/August (combined issue)

Sustainability: Fermented Solutions, Waterless Formulas, Biodegradable
Vegan and "Clean": Plant-derived, Minimalist Formulating, Wellness
Expert Opinions: Reducing, Re-using and Recycling in Beauty

August (online)

Sensitive Skin: Dermocosmetics, Barrier Repair, Microbiome


Multifunctional Makeup: Sebum Control, SPF, Color Effects
Skin Detox: Pollution Protection, Anti-acne, Dandruff Control
Expert Opinions: Purifying and Rebalancing Skin


Well Aging: Cellular Mechanisms, Structural Integrity, Sleep and Rhythm
Bath & Shower: Mild Surfactants, Delivery Systems, Wipes
Expert Opinions: Holistic Approaches to Anti-aging

November/December (combined issue)

Skin Treatments: Anti-itch, Soothing Effects, Emolliency
Face and Nails: Facial Masks, Lip Anti-aging, Color Effects
Expert Opinions: Dermocosmetics and Compromised Skin

December (online)

Antiperspirants and Deodorants: Odor Control, Naturals, Microbiome Care

*Note that technical article submissions require a 4-6 month leadtime to allow for our peer-review process. 

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