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A Publisher’s Mark on the Cosmetic Industry: Stanley E. Allured

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Stanley E. Allured loved the cosmetic industry as much as he loved publishing. His involvement in the industry shows how true that is.

When his family purchased The American Perfumer in 1960, Allured was given the assignment to manage the magazine.

“I had the great good fortune to ‘inherit’ Ed deNavarre, writer of the ‘Desiderata’ column since the 1930s, as an editor,” said Allured, “but most important, as an advisor and friend.” (See January 2006 Featured Innovator in Cosmetics & Toiletries.)

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On deNavarre’s advice, Allured joined the Society of Cosmetic Chemists (SCC) and began attending the local chapter meetings in Chicago and the national meetings in New York. Because of his service to the SCC in reporting society news, he was accepted as an active member in September 1965, a category reserved exclusively for individuals carrying chemistry degrees.

It was not long before Allured attended meetings of the International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists (IFSCC) as well. Traveling with his wife and partner at Allured Publishing, Betty Lou Allured, he met cosmetic chemists from societies throughout Europe, Asia and South America.

 Allured was ahead of his time with his belief in sharing information globally. As he traveled, his contacts became authors in Cosmetics & Toiletries. Bylines in the magazine came from the largest multinational corporations throughout the world, and the highest-ranking cosmetic chemists in these companies gained a voice in an international magazine published for their peers.

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