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Apoena Brings Beauty Biotech to Brazil

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These “greener” than plant-based ingredients are created and developed from biotechnology that is safer for consumers and the environment since they have a low environmental impact and reportedly eliminates stages of monitoring and control of planting, harvesting and extraction.


Apoena Biotech’s business unit for Cosmetic, Toiletry & Fragrance (CT&F) has reportedly become the first in the Brazilian industry that has reported to be 100% dedicated to biotechnology for the sector.

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Apoena is committed to making biotechnology accessible to all, effectively acting on inclusive and sustainable solutions for the ecosystem.

According to the company, these ingredients have a low environmental impact and eliminates stages of monitoring and control of planting, harvesting and extraction.

"[This] is a dynamic, innovative sector in a permanent search for new trends and increasingly sensitive to new technologies that allow the creation and development of effective products, aligned with responsible consumption and production to boost the sustainable economy,” said Bruno Carillo, managing director of Apoena Biotech. "Our goal is to contribute to this movement to balance with authenticity purpose and profit.”

Carillo added, "Developing only natural products is far from solving the collective problem of environmental impact. Deforesting to plant and obtain the active is not a sustainable practice in its essence. Biotechnology is the best way to access nature, preserving the planet."

"The control of biotech products is in bioreactors where they are produced, following parameters of pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen, among others,” said Juliana Nakayama, bioprocess manager at Apoena Biotech. “This ensures reproducibility, high-quality standard and performance [that is] suitable for application as prebiotics, probiotics or postbiotics.”

Carillo concluded, "With this, Apoena Biotech believes that biotechnology is already the future-leading technology for a new economic model that aims to balance the financial success, and well-being of society and the planet. Its interchangeability, effectiveness and low environmental impact at this time provokes a wave of innovation that will change the way we idealize, develop, produce, formulate, apply, inform, educate and consume actives for CT&F, opening opportunities for industry and consumers in dialogues about biotech beauty.”

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