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RTD Hallstar Launches Soybean Sterols, Canola Acid Phytosterol Esters

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RTD Hallstar highlighted several ingredients at the March 29, 2006, SCC Midwest conference and exhibition held in Chicago. Among them, HallGreen PCN (proposed INCI: Canola acid phytosterol esters) was presented. Consisting of the whole cut canola C16-18 acid esters of naturally occurring oil-derived phytosterols, the ingredient is extracted and delivered in a concentrated, oil-soluble form for incorporation into personal care formulations.

Additionally, the company presented HallGreen P (proposed INCI: Glycine soja (soybean) sterols), also consisting of naturally occurring phytosterols. According to the company, these sterols are the primary unsaponifiable material in soybean oil and include approximately 48% beta-sitosterol, 25% campesterol, 15% stigmasterol and 6% brassicasterol. The product reportedly is very similar in structure to cholesterol.



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