[podcast] Reducing Cortisol to Close the Mind-Skin-Endocrine Loop for Skin Benefits

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This podcast is sponsored by: CLR-Chemisches Laboratorium Dr. Kurt Richter GmbH

The mind-skin connection has been on the industry's radar for several years now but we're only just beginning to understand its potential for consumer benefits. In fact, as Harald van der Hoeven, director of product design and development at CLR Berlin, explains in this sponsored podcast, there's a critical third actor involved in this feedback loop: the endocrine system. 

See archived: CLR Tests Reveal AnnonaSense CLR Positively Affects Skin-brain Feedback

In relation, in a recent in vivo study, the company examined the effects of its latest neurocosmetic active, AnnonaSense CLR (INCI: Annona Cherimola Fruit Extract), derived from upcycled cherimoya, and found several promising benefits stemming from its unique ability to reduce cortisol levels systemically. Not only did it reduce psychological stress and improve quality of sleep, it also perceivably improved the look and comfort of skin, completing the mind-skin-endocrine feedback loop.

Here, van der Hoeven describes in greater detail this feedback loop, including its potential for future innovation. He also considers how consumers perceive products that support the mind-skin-health connection and proposes a holistic strategy extending into sensory effects, mechanoreceptors, user perception and more.

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