[podcast] How DNA Methylation Corrupts the Code for Skin Health

Genemarkers Sep 2023 Podcast Dna Methylation
This podcast is sponsored by: Genemarkers, LLC

DNA methylation, caused by exposure to UV, blue light, pollution, etc., is cumulative and can modify the epigenetic code for healthy skin. This is because epigenetics is the "language" DNA uses to communicate with skin, supporting repair, circadian rhythm, etc., processes, explains Rishabh Kala, Ph.D., director of researcher services for Genemarkers.

As such, restoring the epigenetic code corrupted by DNA methylation is a prime target for high-performing skin products—and claims substantiation, considering today's science-driven skin care market.

In this sponsored podcast, Kala explains the effects of DNA methylation on skin, and how testing products for effects against such modifications requires a system to: mimic environmental stresses, such as UV rays, blue light, pollutants, etc.; and investigate their changes in skin including how genes and mRNA are impacted; Genemarkers provides such a system and interpretation of results.

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