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Pushing Back Against the Noise of Consumer Misinformation (continued)

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Continued from part I (Page 11 in print); click through to the Nov./Dec. 2019 digital magazine for the complete continuation of this piece.

Influencing Belief

How does Timothy Caulfield know about the effects of misinformation and celebrity influence on public opinion? Here, he provides insights from researching his show and book.


 “The goal of the Netflix series is not necessarily to debunk myths, but to try to get a sense of what people believe and gain from alternative medicine and other crazy ‘scientific’ stuff—by this, I mean things that don’t have strong evidence behind them. I travel the world to get a sense of strange procedures, practices for detox and weight loss, [claims for] cosmetics, high tech stem cells, vitamins and supplements, etc. The goal is to see what the science says, and what people are drawn to and interested in…What answers are people seeking?”

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