ASLMS 2024 Spotlight: Next Gen Aesthetic Product Innovation

ASLMS 2024 Exhibit Hall Excitement
ASLMS 2024 Exhibit Hall Excitement
Photo courtesy of ASLMS

MedEsthetics had the chance to take a peek at the exciting product advances at this year's ASLMS meeting. The exhibit hall at this year's show was packed with brands featuring the latest technology in next generation aesthetic devices; AI & AR imaging technology; digital AI tech for practice management; advanced formulations of skin care products featuring regenerative ingredients, easy-to-use post-procedure care kits, innovative daily peels, and much more. Needless to say, we didn't want to miss a second of the action taking place in the exhibit hall at ASLMS this year, and neither will you. 

Energy-Based Devices: Laser Therapy 

Advances in laser device technology are taking the aesthetic possibilities of laser treatments to a whole new level. Brands are focused on achieving the greatest level of treatment efficacy to provide optimal results in a shorter amount of time and fewer Aerolase Learning Lab: Neo Elite TreatmentAerolase Learning Lab: Neo Elite Treatmenttreatments while simultaneously minimizing pain. This essentially means laser devices are getting smaller and more efficient without compromising results, so patients can see optimal results faster, require fewer treatments and experience less pain.

The Neo Elite by Aerolase provides painless laser therapy without sacrificing efficacy by utilizing a unique method of delivering energy. The device detects specific areas that need treatment during passes over the skin and then releases a short pulse of energy to the exact spot with equal power as steady laser. What's more, it's able to address the root cause of skin conditions. In the case of melasma, when active, the laser is able to shut down the mechanism that makes melasma worsen and spread, cutting off further advancement of melasma in skin. As you can probably imagine, a solution like this one is incredibly impactful on the emotional well-being of patients living with these chronic skin conditions. Make sure to register for Aerolase's free webcast on Advancing Laser Therapies for Skin of Color Patients taking place on Wednesday, May 8th at 11:00 AM Central Daylight Time, and check out an exclusive video of my first ever laser treatment with Aerolase's Neo Elite coming soon! 

GSD Aesthetics may be a newcomer to the US market, but the company has been around for 23 years as leading medical device manufacturer in China and throughout more than 50 other countries worldwide. The brand’s Coolite Bolt 1800W diode laser device features BOLT Lifting technology, which utilizes the simultaneous emission of three wavelengths (755nm, 810nm, 1064nm) targeting different depths to heat up ligaments and stimulate collagen production. This supercharged technology allows for optimum coverage and penetration, providing a lifting, thermal effect that accelerates skin metabolism to tighten, brighten and shrink pores.        

BVLaser is making laser therapy more accessible to all with devices like the Multifunctional 3 in 1 Beauty Laser Machine.BVLaser at ASLMS 2024BVLaser at ASLMS 2024 The device safely and effectively treats different indications in different skin types, age, and gender with good treatment efficacy and high cost performance. This 3 in 1 laser platform combines three laser technologies into one devices, saving space and keeping down costs, making it a cost-effective and versatile, multi-function aesthetic laser platform. This philosophy is reflected in the company’s commitment to providing laser chambers and accessories to laser institutes, universities and hospitals in China for research and use on people that need treatment but may not have been able to afford it. 

Energy-Based Devices: Ultrasound, RF, Cryotherapy, EMS & More!

In addition to the wealth of innovation in laser devices, energy-based devices utilizing new energy-based methods for body contouring, facial rejuvenation, treatments for chronic skin conditions, skin of color and more are expanding and changing the possibilities of what can be achieved non-invasively and painlessly in aesthetics.

EMF(Electromagnetic Fields Technology) & EMS(Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation): Zimmer's PF TonerPro, which utilizes electromagnetic fields technology, was an exciting addition to the exhibit hall this year, as it is one of the newer devices surfacing that address the sexual health needs of patients that are becoming an epidemic amongst men and women. Most importantly, the issue of urinary incontinence, which has gone on far too long without being adequately addressed, particularly when there are now treatments in the form of PF TonerPro that are non-invasive, incredibly effective and happen to also benefit problems with sexual function at the same time. Don't miss our further discussion of this new treatment in our upcoming May/June issue! Sofwave’s new pure impact module for use with the sofwave device was featured. This innovative approach to non-invasive muscle toning utilizes EMS to stimulate muscles, integrating the principle of plyometrics to strengthen muscles for ASLMS 2024 Exhibit HallASLMS 2024 Exhibit HallPhoto courtesy of ASLMSfull body definition. 

Ultrasound: Boston Aesthetics' MFUS ultrasonic system eliminates the pain experienced with other ultrasound devices by utilizing micro focused ultrasound technology, which allows for more precise energy delivery in tightly focused zones at a consistent programmed depth to reach deeper subdermal connective tissue. This allows large facial areas to be treated with maximum efficacy and minimal pain.

RF: The Oligio Monopolar RF device by Wontech is another innovation in plainless lifting and tightening. The device is able to achieve this with the help of two technologies. The intelligent cooling system uses cooling gas to maintain the proper temperature during treatment, protecting the epidermis and transfering energy to the deeper area of the skin, thus m>inimizing side effects due to heat such as burns. In addition to cooling, the contact vibration system utilizes the vibration generated in accordance with the energy irradiation to reduce spain and enable a smooth treatment. These two technologies as well as a real-time skin temperature checker to avoid burns and other possible side effects combine to make this an anti-aging and skin tightening powerhouse of a device. 

Cryotherapy: Glacial Skin is a unique form of cold therapy ideal for treating anything inflammatory-driven (this is something I can particularly appreciate as someone with rosacea). The device provides controlled cooling without the use of liquid nitrogen, allowing the device to stay at the same consistent temperature, only addressing the epidermis, to safely and effectively calm and heal skin from the inside without the need for downtime. Glacial Skin is frequently used in combination ASLMS 2024 Exhibit HallASLMS 2024 Exhibit HallPhoto courtesty of ASLMSwith medical grade skin care for a skin soothing cryo-facial treatment.     

Acoustic Wave Therapy: CuraMedix brought the technology of Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT), sometimes referred to as ESWT or shockwave therapy, to ASLMS. AWT utilizes unique sets of advanced acoustic pressure waves to stimulate tissue repair and regeneration and eliminate the appearance of connective tissue disorders. AWT treatment provides numerous aesthetic and physical benefits, making this a versatile tool for both face and body rejuvenation. The impressive list of indications includes regeneration and skin rejuvenation to achieve skin tightening, better skin structure and contour, fatty tissue-increased blood flow, activation of metabolism, stimulation of lipolysis and body shaping, connective tissue-stimulation and activation of collagen formation, lymphatic system-improved circulation and drainage and muscle-normalization of muscle tone.

Thermo-Mechanical Ablation (TMA): Novoxel’s tixel2 is a fractional skin resurfacing and rejuvenation treatments for the neck and face that utilizes thermo-mechanical ablation technology, a unique combination of heat and motion, to maximize patient comfort while maintaining the same efficacy. Safe for all skin types, the treatment can be tailored to the patient, spanning multiple treatments or a simple one and done session. 

Smart Skin Care

Exosomes Everywhere: Plant-derived Exosomes help improve intercellular communication and the recovery process post-Induction TherapiesInduction Therapiesaesthetic treatment. Induction Therapies PRX⁸ Plant-Exo Stimulation Serum features a synergistic blend of four key collagen nourishing ingredients, plant exosomes, copper tripeptides, all-trans retinol and hyaluronic acid, to stimulate conditions for cellular turnover, revitalizing cells and improving the appearance of healthy hair and skin, as well as amplifying treatment results. Benev’s Exosome Regenerative Complex (& ERC+) and Exo Balm Post-Care Optimizing Balm were also featured. The Exosome Regenerative Complex is a fast-absorbing, intensive dual-action complex formulated with the concentrated power of stem cell derived lyophilized exosomes, potent growth factors, peptides, coenzymes, minerals, amino acids and vitamins. The Exo Balm: Exosome Post-Care Optimizing Balm combines the concentrated power of exosomes with a post-care optimizing balm containing over 20 intensive hydrators to optimize treatment results and reduce downtime. 

Prejuvenation: As part of their prejuvenation portfolio, Neova Smart Skincare just launched a 5-second daily peel (containing AHA, BHA & HPR, a specialized form of retinol). This simple, one-step daily peel is able to gently resurface skin in just 5 seconds with the swipe of one of the individually packaged pads, keeping active ingredients fresh while also making this a simple peel treatment that even the busiest patient can find time to use. 

Young Pharmaceuticals at ASLMS 2024Young Pharmaceuticals at ASLMS 2024Post-Procedure Care:  Young Pharmaceuticals was showcasing their new post-procedure sensitivity treatment line that is simple and easy for patients to follow. The line standardizes laser post-care treatment, with specific products designed for use in the first 48 hours when patients are experiencing the hot phase when skin needs cooling treatments and another set of products designed for patients to use during the second “dry” phase when their skin needs additional hydration. Don't miss our exclusive video of how this new post-procedure line is designed to be used and just what makes it an ideal solution for a simple and easy-to-use standardized post-care to ensure patients protect and optimize their treatment results. Revision’s CMT Post-Procedure Cream features neurocosmetic technology that decreases activation of the TRPV1 pain receptor, in addition to microbiome technology with antioxidants to protect skin from oxidative damage caused by free radicals.

AI/AR Tech & More!Canfield at ASLMS 2024Canfield at ASLMS 2024

Imaging: If you've caught our latest feature from Canfield Scientific, you are likely already familiar with their latest device, hairmetrix. With the issue of hair loss in both men and women continuing to dominate the aesthetic space, Canfield’s new Hairmetrix device is a gamechanger for analyzing the scalp and hair health. Hairmetrix is the first AI-driven hair analysis system that allows providers to do quick and accurate assessments of scalp/hair health and hair loss. FotoFinder Systems' meesma for facial and body before and after photography was another feat of imaging ingenuity featured at ASLMS this year. In particular, the meesma’s new Proposer V10, which enables you to review images, visualize skin evenness, pigmentation and redness and create a detailed personalized treatment plan directly on the FotoFinder universe app was another significant example of the innovative new digital tech surfacing in aesthetics.FotoFinder Systems, MeesmaFotoFinder Systems, Meesma

AI Practice Management Tech: Medsender is an AI medical assistant. While some are still somewhat leary of AI and the possibility of it replacing human professionals. However, the people and companies that are using AI to complement and act as a support to the work being done by humans are finding this is the key to utilizing the incredible potential of AI in the workplace. Medsender is one such technology designed to work with a business to improve and support the practitioners and other employees in the workplace. This AI medical assistant works as an automated document management system augmented with AI, capable of seamlessly integrating with a practice’s EMR and reduce manual EMR data entry with smart data extraction and categorization that automatically syncs incoming documents to patients’ charts. In addition, Medsender’s AI medical assistant provides AI referral processing to automatically read and extract referrals, create a new patient chart with a click of a button, validates insurance and automatically schedules new appointments to reduce turnaround time and prevent lost referrals. This AI medical assistant basically makes your practice work more efficiently and effectively while giving practitioners and their team more time to focus their energy on what matters most.   

Financing: Of course, with the wealth of new devices and device modules, comes the inevitable question of financing medical equipment purchases. MMP Capital is one such medical equipment financing company featured at this year’s ASLMS meeting, known specifically for their speed (approval in 5 minutes), service and reliability.  

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