HairMetrix®: The First AI-driven Non-invasive Hair Consultation

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For over 35 years, Canfield Scientific has been the industry’s most sought-after imaging company by sponsors and investigators focused on studies of hair conditions, regrowth approaches and treatment efficacy. Leveraging decades of experience in leading successful clinical studies, Canfield has introduced HairMetrix®, a groundbreaking hair analysis consultation tool. This innovative software, powered by AI, marks a paradigm shift in non-invasive hair consultation.

At the forefront of innovation, HairMetrix enables seamless image capture directly into its platform using the tethered D200evo, ensuring the highest-resolution standardized images, or through wireless consultation with proVEOS®. The HairMetrix wizard simplifies the process with guided step-by-step capture, enhancing efficiency for staff and patients and expediting conversion decisions.

Employing advanced AI algorithms, HairMetrix delivers fully automated, objective, real-time analysis of patients' scalp concerns. It instantly processes unclipped trichoscopy images, providing metrics like hair count, follicle count, average hair width and terminal to vellus ratio. The phototrichogram mode assesses Anagen/Telogen ratios and growth rates, offering a comprehensive understanding of hair loss.

With quantitative results available within seconds and no need for special scalp or hair preparation, HairMetrix facilitates swift decision-making without compromising accuracy. These insights enable tailored treatment plans and objective progress monitoring, fostering patient understanding and engagement.

HairMetrix revolutionizes consultations for hair transplantations, Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments and hair and scalp care. Its immediate, in-depth analysis empowers practitioners to make precise decisions, particularly beneficial for urgent cases or patients hesitant to sacrifice thinning hair for analysis. The platform generates clear, branded printable reports instantly, empowering practitioners to deliver customized treatments and ensure superior outcomes while actively involving patients in their care journey.

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