Sustainability plays the role in detoxify + clarifying hair products

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Is your water damaging your hair?

Has your hair been looking dull or dry than usual? One of the causes may be overlooked is your shower water. In addition to minerals buildup are sebum, styling products and pollution.

Hard water is usually defined as water, which contains a high concentration of calcium and magnesium ions along with trace amounts of other minerals.

Potential damaging effects of hard water on hair: mineral buildup, frizz, breakage, color fading, dullness, scalp issues etc.

The minerals in hard water, are metals which can be neutralized using chelating or sequestering agents.

Green solution to combat hard water with Carboxyline® CMI

With a growing concern for the environment, there is an increasing demand for polymers based on renewable sources.  Carboxyline® CMI is biobased derived from Chicory root which is an alternative to traditional chelating agent which will improve sustainability for your hair care formulation. The sequestering properties of  Carboxyline® CMI helps preventing the formation of minerals ions in hard water which cause build-up on hair and scalp.

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