Sustainability in the Laboratory: Small Changes Add Up


Sustainability is a word that is often used in today’s business initiatives. Companies are spending significant time, money and effort on this topic but is there a quick win? Can small changes really add up?




One pertinent example is to reduce overall plastic consumption by using flexible sampling containers in place of rigid plastic. Whirl-Pak® sterilized sampling bags are a flexible package recognized as the Gold Standard in a multitude of industries around the world.

In an evaluation of the environmental impact of sterile sampling bags compared with the rigid plastic, data was segregated into material usage, manufacturing, transport and end of life categories. In all product comparisons, the Whirl-Pak sterilized sampling bag was significantly more sustainable than common rigid containers.


In addition to environmental impact, Whirl-Pak flexible sampling solutions also reduce overall costs AND hidden savings associated with shipping, storage and waste disposal.


Start your Smarter Sustainability journey today.



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