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Aprinnova Creates Clean Sun Protection with CleanScreen Z60SF

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CleanScreen Mineral Sunscreen Dispersions allow formulators to create non-whitening sunscreens, anti-aging skin care products and color cosmetics that meet the standards of clean beauty.


Aprinnova’s CleanScreen Z60SF (INCI: Zinc Oxide (and) Silica (and) Squalane) is a non-nano, zinc oxide UV dispersion featuring Neossance Squalane (INCI: Squalane). CleanScreen provides silky smooth broad-spectrum protection without petrochemically derived ingredients or silicones.

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CleanScreen Z60SF is designed to be the global standard for clean SPF protection. According to the company, it offers a solution for full sun protection without compromising safety, performance or sustainability.

The dispersions distribute UV filters using natural and sustainable carrier systems built around Aprinnova's Neossance Squalane or Hemisqualane, depending on the formula. These systems increase sun protection by reducing gaps in protection while reducing whitening to create finished products with sensory and aesthetic benefits. More specifically, CleanScreen blocks wavelengths from 280–400 nm for substantial UVA and UVB protection but still permits visible light transmission.

CleanScreen mineral sunscreen dispersions also allow formulators to create anti-aging skin care products and color cosmetics that meet the standards of clean beauty. The dispersions contain Neossance Hemisqualane, which has reportedly proven performance for even coverage in color cosmetics that is comparable with cyclomethicone. 

Additionally, brands can experience limited-edition clean beauty prototypes through Aprinnova's Clean Formulation Kit. The kit includes formulations featuring Neossance Squalane, Hemisqualane, SimplySolid and CleanScreen for multifunctional solid color cosmetics; natural, silicone-free hair care; sheer solid sun protection; solid format fragrances; and anti-aging skin care with SPF.

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