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Colonial Chemical’s ColaTeric CAHS as Amphoacetate Replacement

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Colonial Chemical's ColaTeric CAHS is a mild amphoteric surfactant suitable for foaming cleansers.


Colonial Chemical has introduced ColaTeric CAHS (INCI: Sodium Cocoamphohydroxypropylsulfonate), a mild, biodegradable amphoteric surfactant suitable for foaming cleansers.

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This product lowers overall irritation when used in formulation with commonly used primary surfactants. It can be used as a replacement for amphoacetate chemistry; has biorenewable content; improved compatibility with hard water; and higher purity. ColaTeric CAHS is especially well suited for gentle personal care products.

According to Colonial Chemical, ColaTeric CAHS offers identical foam performance when compared to a standard cocoamphoacetate. In vitro eye irritation testing demonstrates that the product would be considered minimally irritating at typical formulation levels.

The ingredient offers high viscosity building capability compared to traditional amphoacetates and is useful in body washes to provide mildness and foam stabilization; in shampoos for improved foam and viscosity boosting; and in facial cleansers for a soft skin-feel. ColaTeric CAHS can also be used in wet wipe formulations with its mild foaming and cleansing properties.

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