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Exotic Butter with Clinical Efficacy for Smooth, Supple Skin

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Moisturization is one of the key steps in a proper skin care regimen. Moisturized skin shows less imperfections and appears more youthful. Consumers seek products that quickly absorb upon application with no unpleasant or shiny residue. 

BASF’s IRWINOL® LS 9890 is a naturally derived botanical butter with excellent spreadability, moisturizing and softening properties.  It absorbs quickly to provide instant relief from dry sensation and lasting moisture up to 24hrs. Clinical data shows that formulation with IRWINOL® LS 9890 delivers better skin moisturization benefits compared to shea butter. This product is also an excellent choice in lip care, to visibly transform chapped lips to soft and supple in just 7 days.

BASF’s diverse portfolio of cosmetic actives deliver high performance solutions to maintain healthy skin appearance.

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