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[video] Inolex’s Lexgard Natural MHG MB Preserves, Controls Odor and Prevents Soaping

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Inolex’s Lexgard Natural MHG MB is a multifunctional ingredient that can preserve products, control odor and impart anti-soaping properties in emulsions, as shown in a video.


Inolex has created Lexgard Natural MHG MB (INCI: Methylheptylglycerin), a 100% natural multifunctional ingredient that shields and protects skin, controls odor and prevents soaping in emulsions.

This ingredient is sustainably sourced from castor and RSPO Mass Balance palm feedstocks to provide:

  • Preservation: The ingredient protects formulations from microbial growth with efficacy against bacteria and yeast in emulsions, cleansers and wipes. Combined with effective mold growth-control ingredients, the active can be incorporated for natural broad-spectrum preservation.
  • Odor control: The product controls odor in deodorants by preventing the growth of odor-causing bacteria.
  • Anti-soaping in emulsions: The active also helps to minimize or eliminate soaping or foaming during rub-in in silicone-free emulsions.

Regarding anti-soaping efficacy, the company reports that traditional o/w emulsions and cationic lamellar liquid crystal emulsions demonstrate this effect, whereas Lexgard Natural MHG MB can reduce it. 

The ingredient supports formulators via hurdle technology to create self-preserving systems. As the company explained, this approach rethinks traditional preservation; instead of using one preservative, multiple barriers to microbial growth are established to create an environment that is hostile to microorganisms.

Common hurdle technology barriers in cosmetic preservation include optimized combinations of multifunctional ingredients, formulation pH and good manufacturing principles. By using this ingredient, formulations that pass challenge tests can be created without including traditional preservatives, such as parabens, phenoxyethanol, MIT/CMIT and formaldehyde donors.

The following video shows a comparison of o/w test lotions showing anti-soaping efficacy:

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