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February 2018 Product Roundup: Attractive Actives

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  • Grant

    Granactive Retinoid

    Grant Industries


    A concentrated anhydrous matrix, Granactive Retinoid (INCI: Dimethyl Isosorbide (and) Hydroxypinacolone Retinoate) contains 10% pinacolyl ester of all-trans retinoic acid in a premium delivery solvent. Intended for use in anti-aging and anti-acne beauty treatments, it provides low-irritating, effective active delivery in daily maintenance applications. In addition, it decreases the effects of UV-induced skin damage and helps clear acne-related symptoms.

  • Sensient

    Vegetable Charcoal

    Sensient Technologies Corporation


    Vegetable charcoal (INCI: Charcoal Powder) is a fine grade of natural charcoal that can be introduced into formulations without disrupting their systems. The low particle size makes the charcoal more effective in active cleansing and detoxifying cosmetic products.

  • Biosil Technologies


    Biosil Technologies Inc.


    Phyco’Derm (INCI: Glycerin (and) Water (aqua) (and) Corallina Officinalis Extract (and) Undaria Pinnatifida Extract) stimulates skin's major defense systems for an increase in resistance against environmental stressors. It improves dermis properties, smoothing fine lines and crow's feet wrinkles, minimizing the appearance of under-eye dark circles, erasing the look of fatigue and reducing the volume of under-eye bags by alleviating skin puffiness.

  • DuPont Tate & Lyle Bio Products

    Zemea Propanediol

    DuPont Tate Lyle Bio Products


    Zemea propanediol (INCI: Propanediol) is a natural solvent that has a unique set of Hansen solubility parameters. Software modeling suggests Zemea propanediol can be an effective solvent for cosmetic actives and functional materials including ferulic acid, allantoin, ascorbic acid, glycolic acid, salicylic acid, hexylresorcinol and others. In addition, Zemea propanediol allows ensulizole and sulisobenzone, two underutilized sunscreen actives, to stay in solution through the evaporation process on the skin, leading to greater efficacy of these actives.

  • Lipotrue SL

    Neøclair Pro

    Lipotrue SL


    Neøclair Pro (INCI: Acetyl Tetrapeptide-2) is a primary antioxidant peptide that also acts as an antioxidant amplifier via the NRF2/ARES pathway. Neøclair Pro offers 360-degree pollution protection—i.e., outdoor, indoor and internal—and repair properties, visibly improving dark spots and signs of aging and inflammaging.

  • Mibelle Group Biochemistry


    Mibelle Group Biochemistry


    Densorphin (INCI: Vitex Agnus-Castus Fruit Extract (and) Maltodextrin (and) Water (aqua)) is a preservative-free, firming and lifting active based on monk’s pepper berry extract for menopause and andropause-affected skin. It stimulates the synthesis of DHEA, the precursor for female and male sex hormones, and possesses beta-endorphin-like activity. Densorphin also improves skin elasticity and density.

  • MMP Inc.

    Luteolin 98 MM

    MMP Inc.


    Luteolin 98 MM (INCI: Citrus Reticulata (Tangerine) Peel Extract) is a high-purity, potent radical-scavenging ingredient with antioxidant activity for pollution-stressed skin, as demonstrated ex vivo by the reduction of oxidized proteins and lipid peroxidation.

  • DSM Nutritional Products Personal Care

    Alpaflor GigaWhite

    DSM Nutritional Products Personal Care


    An organic, sustainable and fair-trade certified bioactive with full traceability, Alpaflor GigaWhite (INCI: Glycerin (and) Water (aqua) (and) Malva Sylvestris (Mallow) Flower/Leaf/Stem Extract (and) Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Leaf Extract (and) Primula Veris Extract (and) Alchemilla Vulgaris Extract (and) Veronica Officinalis Flower/Leaf/Stem Extract (and) Melissa Officinalis Leaf Extract (and) Achillea) is a natural brightener, gentle on both the skin and the environment. In vivo, the ingredient is shown to reduce the color intensity of age spots and increase the luminescence of the skin. In vitro, the ingredient impacts the production of melanin and melanosome maturating, and intercepts the migration of melanin to the upper layer of the skin.


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