Golden Shimmer Avobenzone Moisturizing Cream

October 27, 2008 | Contact Author | By: Katie Schaefer
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Eckart Cosmetic Colours LLC

Cyclomethicone (DC 345 Fluid, Dow Corning) 17.90%w/w
Dimethicone (DC 200, 350 cst, Dow Corning) 5.00
C12-15 alkyl benzoate (and) stearalkonium bentonite (and) propylene carbonate (Tixogel FTN, Süd-Chemie) 9.90
Cetyl dimethicone copolyol (Abil EM-90, Degussa-Hüls) 1.20
Steareth-21 (Brij 721, Uniqema) 0.20
Butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane (Parsol 1789, Roche) 2.50
Water (aqua) 59.65
Sodium chloride 0.35
Phenoxyethanol (and) methylparaben (and) ethylparaben (and) butylparaben (and) propylparaben (and) isobutylparaben (Phenonip, Clariant) 0.30
Mica (and) titanium dioxide (Prestige Silk Gold, Eckart) 3.00

Procedure: Combine and heat A to 78°C. Combine B and heat to 78°C. Add B to A under homogenization. Cool to RT under paddle mixing. Mix C into batch.

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