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Nature’s Alternative Preservation

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Spectrastat G2-N is a 100% natural multifunctional system that allows formulators to create self-preserving formulations using hurdle technology. Hurdle technology is a preservation approach wherein a combination of ingredients, formulation design and good manufacturing principles are used to create an environment that is hostile to microbes. Broad-spectrum, Spectrastat G2-N enhances preservation of formulations against bacteria, yeast and mold.

The patented, multifunctional chelating agent Caprylhydroxamic acid (CHA) is a unique organic acid that remains 100% undissociated form at neutral pH, making it highly effective over a broad pH range. Glyceryl caprylate is a 100% natural skin conditioning agent and medium spreading emollient with antimicrobial boosting properties. Combined with glycerin, this three-component system is 100% natural, nonirritating to skin and acceptable for use in organic personal care products under NSF/ANSI 305-2012.

Spectrastat G2-N can be used to develop formulations that pass challenge tests according to European Pharmacopoeia A criteria, without the use of traditional preservatives such as parabens, isothiazolinones or formaldehyde donors.



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