100% Plant-Based, Natural Cyclomethicone Alternative

May 1, 2018 | By: Inolex
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LexFeel® WOW DT is a 100% plant-based, fast-spreading and partially volatile silicone alternative fluid for beauty care applications. With an ultra-light and dry silicone-like initial feel, LexFeel® WOW DT absorbs quickly and provides a unique after-feel that cascades from silky-to-powdery. One hundred percent natural and derived from renewable and sustainable building blocks (castor bean and sugarcane), LexFeel® WOW DT is palm-free and pending NSF certification.

LexFeel® WOW DT is non-oily and non-greasy and can be used to reduce the greasiness of formulations while providing a protective layer to skin. Suitable for all beauty care applications, LexFeel® WOW DT is an excellent pigment-wetting agent with an exceptional after-feel and anti-whitening properties for AP applications. A slip agent that improves spreading in skin care and hair care formulations, LexFeel® WOW DT significantly improves the sensory performance in final formulations.


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