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Seppic's wesource Brand Updates Adipoless for Eco-friendly Eye Area Contouring

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Seppic's wesource brand has updated its Adipoless active to an eco-friendly version for eye area care and facial slimming.


Seppic’s wesource brand has launched Adipoless Eco (INCI: 1,3-Propanediol (and) Chenopodium Quinoa Seed Extract) for eye area and silhouette contouring.

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Building on the previous Adipoless active, the more natural version now meets consumer expectations for naturality without compromising on performance.

Adipoless Eco is derived from quinoa, known for multiple beneficial components; was extracted in a natural solvent (bio-propanediol); and is preserved using COSMOS-certified preservatives. Taken together, this provides the skin proven efficacy from a more natural source.

By regulating angiogenesis, the active’s slimming effects maintain the contoured eye area silhouette and prevent the formation of new fat. Additionally, the ingredient decreases the appearance of dark circles by reducing the concentration of red blood cells, which are responsible for the dark color of eye area circles. It also protects against external forces by strengthening the capillaries and maintaining skin elasticity.

According to the company, an in vivo study showed the ingredient revitalized the eyes within 28 days. Specifically, Adipoless Eco was found to reduce pre-adipocyte differentiation by 91% versus the control, and to reduce angiogenesis by 90% versus the control.

For more information, contact Seppic.

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