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How is the Millennial Botox Boom Impacting Cosmetics?

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In what is being called the “selfie effect,” millennials are choosing injectable cosmetic procedures such as Botox®, previously seen as desirable to an older demographic, at record high rates. In an attempt to sustain flawless, “photoshopped” looking skin, more millennials are opting to fight lines and wrinkles before they form. Now, a cosmetic solution exists that has been shown to address two of the main targets of digital photo enhancement, offering a topical cosmetic approach for consistent skin appearance. This solution also boosts the support network for key collagens involved in fighting wrinkle formation through a novel, newly discovered mechanism, making it the first cosmetic peptide proven to have this effect.

Meet this rising consumer need with a cosmetic solution clinically proven to:

  • Deliver powerful, skin smoothing action
  • Effectively target expression lines around the forehead, mouth and lip
  • Provide intense mattifying effect


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