Symrise Focuses on White Film Reduction, Improved Feel for Sun Care

During in-cosmetics in Hamburg, Symrise launched SymTio S, a cetearyl nonanoate-coated titanium dioxide for sunscreens, to improve the feel of sun care formulas and reduce the potential for white film forming on the skin.

Microfine titanium dioxide has been used as a UV filter in sun care products for many years, providing excellent UV protection properties. However, it comes with some disadvantages. For one, it leaves the skin white after application to the skin, meaning consumers must rub the formulation in before it becomes transparent. Also, current grades of microfine titanium dioxide can leave the skin with a draggy, dull feel. Formulators therefore have added other cosmetic ingredients, such as waxes and oils, into the formulation to improve the skin feel.

SymTio S was thus developed as a new grade of microfine titanium dioxide. The ester cetearyl nonanoate coating ensures it leaves less white film on the skin, and considerably improves the skin feel. The ingredient is recommended for use in combination with organic UV filters, in sun protection products and facial moisturizing creams.

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