HallStar and SurfaTech Partner for Photostabilizing Polymers

The HallStar Company and SurfaTech Corp. have formed a cooperative development agreement to create and market photostabilizing polymers for personal care formulations.

SurfaTech Corp., which is associated with Siltech LLC, will look at ways to derivatize HallStar’s patented photostability technologies to create unique ingredients that improve both the utility and feel of sunscreen and sun protection product formulations.

In a company press release, John Paro, chairman, president and CEO of HallStar, commented, “I predict that we are going to see some cutting-edge technologies emerge from this agreement, which will really benefit formulators, and ultimately, consumers.”

To C&T magazine authors, Craig Bonda of HallStar and Tony O’Lenick of Siltech LLC, will lead the development team.

“Our goal is to provide an excellent user experience in a wide range of personal care formulations — from sun care to daily wear,” said Kevin O’Lenick, president of SurfaTech, in a company press release. “This agreement gives us the chance to deliver outstanding cosmetic elegance utilizing HallStar’s photostabilizing technologies.”

Development work has commenced and preliminary results will be made available in the coming months.

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