Silicone Fluid to Stabilize Avobenzone


Hallstar has developed a fluid to enhance the stability of the UVA filter avobenzone by quenching its excited state. Hallbrite PSF (INCI: Undecylcrylene Dimethicone) is an organomodified silicone designed to improve the feel and spreadability of sunscreen formulations.

According to the company, the material is created by grafting a cyano diphenyl acrylate moiety onto a polysiloxane backbone, resulting in a polymer that provides formulas with excellent organic compatibility, anti-whitening and detackification benefits, as well as enhanced substantivity and water resistance. This ingredient reportedly showed practically no in vivo ocular irritation potential, did not indicate potential for dermal irritation or contact sensitization, and exhibited no detectable genotoxic activity or potential for phototoxicity.

Recommended at a usage level of 2.0-8.0%, the material may also aid in the dispersion of metal oxides such as TiO2, ZnO and iron oxides. Suggested applications include sunscreens and daywear formulas with sun protection, and the material is soluble in most mediums with the exceptions of water and glycerin.

"We've had a great response to this material," John Paro, Hallstar president and CEO told C&T magazine. "In fact, our ingredient is going live this summer in product on the consumer market--six months sooner than we had anticipated."

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