Earth-friendly Homosalate UV Filter

Novacyl, a part of the Novacap Group, has introduced its YOSH homosalate UV filter. Homosalate is an oil-soluble chemical that absorbs in the UVB range. According to the company, it is also an excellent solvent and booster, and a good stabilizer for other sunscreen actives. The product may be used in formulations up to 15% in the United States and 10% in Europe, Asia-Pacific and Latin America.

“With this new UV filter, Novacyl widens its offer[ings] to sun care manufacturers for beach wear and daily wear segments," said Robert Monti, business director of Novacyl, in a press statement.

“Homosalate is a salicylate (a derivative of salicylic acid). ... This is the indisputable expertise of Novacyl," added Gilles Grenier, managing director of the company. He furthered that the company is committed to sustainable development and that, "boosted by a unique industrial vertical integration, the YOS range offers the lowest environmental impact.”

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