Symrise Launches Anti-aging, Fair Trade Ingredients

According to Gabriele Vielhaber, PhD, senior vice president of Life Essentials and global head of cosmetic ingredients at Symrise, “Products fighting the premature aging of skin, ingredients from nature, and responsibly sourced raw materials are in high demand with customers and consumers." In response, the company launched anti-aging and naturally sourced ingredients at in-cosmetics 2014 in Hamburg.

SymVital AgeRepair is a 100% pure ginger root extract that is China-compliant. It protects against premature aging and restores skin smoothness, complexion regularity and homogeneity. It also shows anti-oxidative, soothing and anti-inflammaging efficacy. The ingredient was proven to visibly restore a youthful appearance in 21 days; it also reduced sun-induced damage in less than two weeks.

The company's new marine collection is derived from the underwater world, including sugar kelp, red and brown algae, amber and pearl, as well as “Fleur de Sel de Camargue” oyster shell extract, and more.

Finally, Fair Trade-certified and organic shea butter from Ghana is now offered, which provides improved skin feel and is produced according to ECOCERT standards. This corresponds to Symrise’s global sustainability commitment to contribute to the improvement of the economic situation of more than 10,000 women in the poorest region of Ghana.

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