Polynesian Beach Ingredients

Since obtaining a French Appelation d’Origine Controlle certification, Monoï oil, made from the tiara flower, has established itself as one of the most reliable ingredients in sun and skin care formulations. It is a key ingredient in products from Dior, NARS, Origins, The Body Shop and Bath & Body Works, among others.

Thanks to the efforts of the Monoï Insitute--a group of the main producers in Polynesia--other ingredients from the beaches of Polynesia are being marketed to manufacturers of beauty products. Polynesian lagoon water is touted as rich in calcium and magnesium, essential to cell metabolism. Polynesian white sand is a natural exfoliant, and bamboo powder has reported skin-firming properties. According to Mintel's Global New Products Development (GNPD) Cosmetic Research, these ingredients are just beginning to appear in luxury skin care formulations.

Carita’s Ideal Hydratation range, launched earlier this year in Europe, is one of the first ranges to feature water from the Raïatea lagoon, near Bora Bora in Polynesia. Created by an ancient volcano, this lagoon is rich in essential mineral and trace elements. The extracted lagoon waters are claimed to be a precious moisturizing and energizing source. There are five products in the range to treat dehydrated and devitalized skin--cleansing gel, toner, cream, mask and serum.

Lagons Gelée Energising Cleanser is sais to be sprinkled with moisturizing and energizing micro-beads and contains a small concentration of glycolic acid for light exfoliation. Interestingly, the Eau des Lagons toner, the Bain des Lagons mask and the Sérum des Lagons all make radiance claims.

Polynesian Lagoon Water is also found in Terraké’s new Primordial Waters spa product range, available to selected spas in the UK and France. The Marine Wave body emulsion and serum cream for face both contain the ingredient and make claims related to its deep hydration and ultra-moisturizing capabilities. Another Terraké spa range–Terra Magica–has body-smoothing and firming products. Smoothing Sand is a rich vanilla-scented exfoliating softening cream with Polynesian white sand and mineral extracts.

One of the newest products with Bamboo powder is Clé des Champs Spring-Summer Exfoliating Body Scrub. This French ECOCERT-certified organic skin care range was developed by a qualified acupuncturist. It is based on traditional Chinese medicine and reportedly designed to help skin adapt to the changing seasons. In addition to bamboo powder, this vivid red body scrub contains vegetable grains and organic poppy seeds for gentle exfoliation and skin softening.

As with food at the supermarket, provenance of ingredients is increasingly cited so consumers can feel more connected to their source. These Polynesian beach ingredients are well-positioned to ride the wave of this trend.

—Nica Lewis, Mintel

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