ActivON’s Activonol-3 Natural Glycol Replaces Petroleum Derivatives

Activ On Activonol 3
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ActivON Co., Ltd.’s Activonol-3 (INCI: Propanediol) is a natural glycol ingredient that can replace synthetic actives and petroleum derivatives, and provide moisturizing and antimicrobial effects.

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Activonol-3 is colorless and odorless for ease of formulation into skin and personal care products. It acts as a cosmetic solvent, humectant and emollient, replacing synthetic and petroleum-sourced products. The ingredient also serves as a preservative booster, and imparts a light skin feel and easy spreadability, which makes it useful for cosmetics and natural solvents.

Furthermore, according to the company, it is skin-friendly, showing no toxicity or skin irritation. In a human skin patch test, 100% concentrated Activonol-3 under a single-application patch test for 48 hr to female adult subjects was perceived to be non-irritating. Other studies showed the ingredient increased skin moisturization more than 1,3-butylene glycol. And, in a challenge test, Activonol-3 showed better preservative effects than 1,3-butylene glycol and similar effects to glycerin.

The active is produced by bio-fermentation and is positioned as a suitable material to reduce petroleum-based products in cosmetics. It is approved by COSMOS and ECOCERT, and is GMO-free, as certified from RSPO.

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