Bioelements Offers ‘Dewluxe’ Solution for Dry, Aging Skin

Bioelements Dewluxe

On September 1, 2020, Bioelements will launch its Dewluxe Facial Oil with occlusive argan oil, squalane and sea kale to hydrate for a dewy complexion.

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The Dewluxe facial oil locks in moisture, replenishes protective barrier lipids and delivers a natural “dewy look.” According to Bioelements, the added surge of halophytic sea kale melts into the skin to further soothe epidermal stress.

With a few concentrated drops, the product is reported to diminish fine lines, plump and soften skin, and impart a perceived dewiness with a light, nonsticky application. The vegan and gluten-free, aromatherapeutic formula is intended to be used in the final step of a daily skin care routine to lock in moisture.

“This isn’t just a face oil,” stated Teresa Stenzel, Bioelements Regional Education Business Manager. “It’s a perfectly balanced blend that melts right into the skin. Plus, clients will love its built-in aromatherapy blend that enhances the luxe feel of hydration.”

Dewluxe retails $66 for a 1 oz. bottle.

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