Sea Mineral-rich Clay Fosters Nourished, Younger-appearing Skin


Skin-smoothing minerals and trace metals are fostered in Canada's Manicouagan Peninsula, where Manicouagan Sea Minerals produces its namesake clay meant to give skin a revitalized, nourished and healthy appearance. 

Manicougan Sea Clay (INCI: Not Available) forms a silicate mineral complex composed of clay, water and various minerals, according to the company. It draws upon its supply of illite, quartz, sodium, potassium oxide and other particles to reportedly act as an exfoliant, astringent, moisturizer, revitalizing and cleansing agent and disinfectant.

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The ingredient is also meant to stimulate circulation as an effect of an evaporation process and reduce inflammation by absorbing water from tissues.

The mineral-rich clay is mined during the winter in order to conserve its external environment. The company itself recently changed its commercial name to Manicouagan Sea Minerals from Argile Eau Mer to reflect its heritage and create a clear position in international markets; Argile Eau Mer will retain its identity.

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