Lonza’s Ingredient Tool Kit Heightens Formulation Speed to Market


Lonza looked to balance functionality, aesthetics and mildness in its recent range of polyglycerol esters. The line was created from a single chemistry that can be customized to formulators’ needs to increase speed to market and formulation efficiency.

The versatile Syneth range reportedly offers stability, rheology control, moisturization and more. The mild ingredients can be cold-processed or processed at low temperatures in order to enable faster, more sustainable batch preparation and scale-up.

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Applications include products for sensitive skin or infants; cleansers; moisturizers; leave-on applications; and hair, skin and scalp care.

The line has Hydrophile-Lipophile Balance (HLB) values ranging from 3-15, and comprises the following ingredients:

  • Syneth O3—An emulsifier/surfactant with low HLB value that may be used as a hydrophobic cosurfactant and in pigment wetting and dispersion;
  • Syneth S8—This surfactant/emulsifier can be used to create rich textures in moisturizing leave-on and rinse-off applications, in both w/o and o/w systems;
  • Syneth S10—A midrange HLB o/w and w/o emulsifier for moisturizing leave on applications with a range of viscosities;
  • Syneth P11—This midrange HLB emulsifier can be used in high yield strength w/o and o/w systems to create luxe textures with a wide range of viscosities;
  • Syneth O13—This surfactant/emulsifier can be utilized to create moisturizing leave-on and rinse-off applications, and is cold processable;
  • Syneth C15—A cold-processable surfactant with mild, flash-foaming and oil-pickup properties for gentle cleansing applications; and
  • Syneth L15—A cold-processable surfactant with mild and cleaning properties for gentle cleansing applications.

The Syneth line will be presented with Lonza’s multifunctional H20BioEV Bioactive at NYSCC Suppliers’ Day, held in New York May 7-8, 2019.

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