Wheat Active Takes on Blue Light Damage


Laboratoires Expanscience hopes to put skin aging through its paces with α-Lupaline (INCI: Lupinus Albus Seed Oil (and) Triticum Vulgare (Wheat) Germ Oil Unsaponifiables).

The botanical antioxidant is intended to protect skin from everyday environmental aggressors at the cellular level in anti-aging skin and sun care applications.

This protection includes the inhibition of ROS generation from UV, infrared (IR) and blue light. To do so, the ingredient is intended to limit lipid peroxidation, DNA degradation and protein oxidation.

The active is also meant to prevent premature structural aging in skin tissue via the regulation of both UV-stimulated protease activity and uncontrolled synthesis of the MMP-1 gene after IR radiation.

Obtained through molecular distillation, α-Lupaline’s wheat germ oil and lupines are sourced from America and Western France, respectively. The ingredient is recommended at 0.1-1.0%, and is a clear, yellow-orange color.

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