Beverage Manufacturers Enter Skin Care Industry

Water is an essential starting point to many formulations, but only a starting point, as skin care products contain many ingredients. Beverage manufacturer Aquafina, a Pepsi Co. company, is entering the skin care market and basing its products on the ideal it knows best, hydration.

The brand is set to release Aquafina Advanced Hydration Rx, a skin care line of 10 products, including a cleanser, toner, scrub and other products in August. However, Aquafina is not the only beverage manufacturer to enter the personal care industry.

Brands of water formulated to give skin care benefits have been surfacing all over the United States. Borba has created a line of nutraceutical water it touts as "Drinkable Skincare" that is said to provide skin care benefits such as antiaging and skin calming. Borba is also said to be in talks with beverage manufacturer Anheuser-Busch to distribute a functional water designed for women.

L'Oréal is said to have teamed up with beverage manufacturer Coca-Cola to design a skin-aiding beverage called Lumaé. The skin care beverage line is reportedly tea-based and will debut in 2008. It has been reported that testing of Lumaé will begin soon.

Skin care continues to find new outlets of delivery, as topical is not the only option consumers have today. Although topical may be the best option, innovators everywhere will continue to find new ways to deliver skin care to the skin.


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