Clarins Protects Skin From Electromagnetic Waves

Group Clarins has created a product that claims to protect skin from electromagnetic waves and urban pollution. Expertise 3P (poly pollution protection) is a facial spray that the company has created to shield skin from exposure to electronic items. The company reports that through six years of research with an unnamed university research institute, it has concluded that cell phones and microwaves and televisions further skin aging.

“These waves can travel through walls. If we consider our skin as being like a brick wall, these waves loosen the concrete and lead to weaker skin,” said Lionel de Benetti, director of R&D at Clarins laboratories.

According to the company, six hours of exposure to electromagnetic waves can lead to skin aging. The R&D sector of Clarins investigated the effect of 900 megahertz waves on skin. It reported that after exposure to these commonly used communication waves, skin’s protective barriers deteriorated and cell renewal slowed.

The product contains Rhodiola rosea, Thermus thermophilus, white tea, succory dock cress and glycofilm. The company reported that the product does not stop the waves but rather helps strengthen the skin’s barrier.

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