Lotions and Potions: A Focus on Firming, Smoothing, Whitening and Hydrating

Body care innovations continue to evolve globally. The Mintel Global New Products Database (GNPD) presents some of the latest offerings from around the world.

Avon Products in Canada has introduced a new method for tightening the bottom region. Avon Mark. The Body Squad Butt Fixing Cream is designed to tighten buttocks for tightening the area. Available in an 118ml tube, the product is supposed to be massaged into the skin both day and night. In addition Avon Mark. launched Anti-Stretch Mark Cream, a product that claims to make skin smoother and toned after one week of application. This offering is available in a 150ml tube.

In addition, Canada’s Avon has released another firming gel moisturizer as part of another line. Avon Planet Spa Icelandic Mineral Waters Firming Gel Moisturizer claims to contain glacial water, antioxidant vitamins and essential minerals such as copper, an element known for its role in promoting healthy-looking skin. The gel is also said to contain a moisturizing formula that increases elasticity for firm, smooth and toned skin. It is available in a 200ml tube.

In China, Suzhou Xiehe Pharmaceutic has released Slimming Cream, a product that claims to increase the metabolism rates of fats and proteins. The cream is designed to remove fat deposits while refreshing and smoothing the body. Available in a 30g pack, it is said to have been formulated with years of intensive study and experiments.

Body innovation has moved from firming and tightening to whitening. In the Philippines, Sensa has introduced Sensa White Underarm Whitening Cream. The product contains AHA, licorice extract and vitamin B3. It claims to be clinically proven to whiten underarm skin after seven days of application. The halal-certified and dermatologically tested product is hypoallergenic and suitable for daily use.

To give skin an additional glow, Ishizawa Laboratories presents Bicarbonate Soda Skin Polish. The product is an ecological body massage paste that contains sodium bicarbonate. It has a freshly harvested rose scent and contains 17 botanical extracts and hyaluronic acid to keep the skin moist. It comes in a 250g plastic case.

Another product from China uses traditional herbs and medicines to moisturize and whiten. Cortry Natural Herbaceous Nutrition Water is the newest offering from Sichuan Cortry Industry Company. Retailing in 60ml spray packs, the product contains a traditional Chinese medicine formula with herbal whitening plant essences. The formula claims to enhance skin metabolism and balance, making the skin whiter. The special muscle formula enhances the skin’s antioxidant function, making skin flexible and moisturized.

The Mintel Global New Products Database (GNPD) tracks new product launches, trends and innovations internationally. For additional information regarding GNPD, visit www.gnpd.com or call Mintel International at 312-932-0600.

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