Featured Ingredient: A Passion Fruit Exfoliant by Croda

Although in Brazil it is said that eating passion fruit (maracujá) seeds will make a person sleepy, the new line of passion fruit derivatives by Croda will make skin anything but that. The company has introduced Cromage Passiflora 30 (INCI: Passiflora edulis seed powder (and) Passiflora incarnata seed powder), a natural, biodegradable exfoliating agent made from crushed passion fruit seeds.

The crushed passion fruit seeds that make up the tiny particles of the product range in grain-size from 260 to 620 microns. These tiny particles reportedly act as natural scrubbing agents when added to topical cosmetic products.

Superficial skin exfoliation, or the removal of dead or damaged skin cells, was the primary motivation for creating Cromage Passiflora 30, according to the company. The exfoliation process yields a softer, smoother layer of skin underneath, which the company describes as younger and healthier-looking.

Croda reports the benefits of exfoliation to be numerous. The removal and prevention of plugged pores, the reduction of pore size and the minimization of scars are all benefits the company notes to create tighter, healthier skin. The company also notes that exfoliation better facilitates the penetration of active ingredients into the skin, and, thereby, recommends exfoliation before the use of anti-cellulite and sunless tanning treatments.

The product, according to the company, can be used in a variety of cosmetic applications. In addition to providing an added visual element to cosmetic formulations, the company reports the ingredient to produce: smoother, more radiant skin, a more even skin tone from sunless tanning products, fewer blackheads, luscious lips and reduction of ingrown hairs and razor bumps.

Depending on the area of exfoliation, the product can be formulated at different concentrations to increase its aggressiveness. For example, a face exfoliant might be formulated with 0.1% Cromage Passiflora 30 whereas a foot cream might include a 0.5% concentration of the product.

The product has a shelf-life of two years in the suitable storage conditions and in its original package. In addition to Cromage Passiflora 30, three other passion fruit derivatives are available from Croda including Crodamazon Maracujá, Crovol Maracujá and Hydramazon Passiflora.

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