L’Oréal Launches Anti-cellulite Patch

L’Oréal Paris has introduced their latest anti-cellulite product. Sublime Slim Abs and Sublime Slim Patches join the Sublime Slim anti-cellulite system to specifically target a problem area for many, cellulite.

Sublime Slim Abs is a cream that reportedly redefines the surface of the abdomen using Activa Cell Technology, which is formulated with caffeine, cocoa extract and methyl silanol mannuroonate to target belly cellulite. According to the company, the abs product provide a “girdling” effect to reduce cellulite in the abdomen area.

Likewise, the Sublime Slim Patches supply concentrated caffeine cx and hydro-gel body smoothing complex to the target area reducing cellulite, according to the company. L’Oréal has stated that the Sublime Slim Patches are the first such products of their kind to be available to the mass.

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