Jamieson Laboratories Presents New Skin Care Range

Jamieson Laboratories of Toronto, one of Canada's largest health products companies, introduced a new skin care technology, Swiss Clinic. According to reports, the combines the company’s natural products knowledge with the expertise of Mibelle Biochemistry in Switzerland. The result is a skin care system that offers an effective alternative to the seven most popular cosmetic surgery procedures and treatments in Canada, says the company. 

Jamieson Laboratories reportedly has embarked on a multi-million dollar advertising and promotion campaign including a national outdoor, print and sampling program. The line was introduced at an exclusive event at the Windsor Arms Hotel in December, featuring movie stars, musicians, television actors and Canadian personalities.

"We are overwhelmed by the demand, having only launched four weeks ago," said Kevin Edwards, vice president of marketing for the company, in a press statement. "We've already achieved full Canadian distribution in major department stores and leading pharmacies. Our focus in the short term is to meet the domestic demand before responding to the many export inquiries our launch has garnered. In particular, key prestige U.S. cosmetic retailers."

The Swiss Clinic system provides a combination of products including skin serums, lotions, concentrates and patches that claim to deliver age fighting protection and lasting benefits. Swiss Clinic combines topical products and anti-inflammatory, antioxidant oral supplements for a "beauty from within" approach. Targeted products, such as the Rx Line Relax Wrinkle Patch, are said to treat deep wrinkles using pharmaceutical trans-dermal patch technology, while the exclusive formula in Rx Protective lotion enhances the skin's ability to prevent DNA damage caused by UV exposure. Each "system" contains two or three products that are formulated to work synergistically and intensely for maximum results.

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