Formula Focus: Hydrating Lip Mask

*Depiction only; not the actual formula
*Depiction only; not the actual formula
Image by Alexandra at Adobe Stock

Editor's note: The products highlighted in our Formula Focus series are chosen at the editor's discretion and demonstrate key ingredients used by the given supplier to create it.

This formula is designed to create the ultimate lip-indulgent experience. The luxurious Lip Mask is infused with nourishing ingredients to provide deep hydration and repair for irresistibly soft and plump lips.

The product features JD Phyto-Or 1% (INCI: Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil (and) 15 cis-Phytoene/Blakeslea Trispora Mycelium Extract), which leverages jojoba oil and concentrated phytoene to deliver natural active skin repair, enhanced skin elasticity and improved skin tone.

JD Lusteris also is incorporated as a premium emollient with superior sensorial effects, inspired by jojoba oil benefits.

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