Cosmetics & Toiletries Soothing Skin Formulary

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Skin Care

Soft Touch Lotion

Acme-Hardesty Co.

This soft skin-feeling formula offers easy spreadability and mattifying properties.

Skin Care

CBG Soothing Stick



Velvet Finishing Powder

Bio-Botanica Inc.


Skin Care

Instant Soothing and Repair Mask

Givaudan Active Beauty

S3D Source 4 is an instant soothing and repairing mask. It is a new type of molecular mask to resource skin in 15 min. This formula is perfect to enjoy the summer free from 'sun'sequences.


Soothing Repair Night Serum

Grant Industries Inc.

Skin Care

Soothing Foot Cream


This refreshing foot cream (S0038a) has tea tree and apricot kernel oil for added moisturization.

Skin Care

Cooling Gel-Cream

Lucas Meyer Cosmetics

Claims: • aqueous gel-cream texture • cooling effect • moisturizing action • paraben-free • cold-processable


Skin Renewal Cream

Mibelle Biochemistry
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