Novel Silica Cleansing Particles With and Without Sensory Properties

Expectations of the global market pose a challenge to formulators of skin cleansing products. Consumers require very high cleansing performance as well as a combination of low irritancy with purity and inertness. Furthermore, in some markets, added value and performance is associated with cleansing formulations that deliver sensory properties, especially skin feel. However in other formulations, smooth, non-sensory properties are preferred for application across a broader formulation range.

The skin feel property of a silica is a function of both particle size and particle strength. The threshold point of particle size is 45 microns; particles above that size can be perceived by the consumer. Particle strength is a function of the number of particles present.

The use of particulates in skin cleansing formulations is expected to remove dirt from the pores, smoothen the skin, physically stimulate the skin through a massage effect and physically remove dead skin cells, giving the skin a rejuvenated appearance. Numerous personal care ingredients designed to enhance the tactile feeling of skin cleansing products are already available in the market and are summarized in Table 1. In addition to providing sensory characteristics, these ingredients may enhance the cleansing performance of the formulas to which they are added. For the complete article, click on "Purchase this article."

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