Skin-mimicking Technology Adds Pollution Protection to Your Skincare Formulations


From 2017-2019, skincare products claiming “anti-pollution” increased by 114% in North America. [Mintel GNPD 2020]. Between 2017 and 2019, the number of skincare products launched in North America with a “protection” claim increased by 53% and products with a “sensitive” claim increased by 62%. [Mintel GNPD 2020]

Pandemic life has put a spotlight on the need to protect our bodies from harmful bacteria, debris and pollution. Skincare is no different. While COVID-19 continues to impact daily life and climate change causes concern all over the world, consumers are demanding products containing effective ingredients backed by science. Clean and sustainable products are moved from “nice to have” territory into the realm of “must-haves.”

Mimiskin™, a natural polymer alternative that mimics the skin’s lipid particles, goes beyond these basic requirements and adds the important element of protection. 

Pollution Protection at its Finest

With molecules arranged in an orthorhombic lateral packing structure, Mimiskin allows water and air to pass through while blocking out larger pollution particles. It protects the skin through four key approaches:

1) Anti-adhesion

2) Removability

3) Anti-penetration

4) Surface pollutant cleaning

Data showed a 60% reduction in the rate of penetration for debris and certain pollutants compared with the benchmark, and the unique cleansing properties allow it to rinse off more debris in warmer water. 

Mimics the Skin with a ‘Barely There’ Feel

As a Mimiskin formulation is applied to the skin, the ingredient’s melting point shifts from 32° to 38° Celsius. The mimicry lies in this unique temperature shift, which makes the applied formula compatible with the consumer’s natural hydrolipidic skin layer. This allows for the creation of elegant, light-feeling formulas suitable for sensitive skin and everyday use! 

Inspiration at your door

As the personal care industry takes on the task of creating novel, next generation products for a seemingly distant post-pandemic and the increasingly eco-conscious world, feelings of safety and protection will remain at the forefront of consumer needs. Mimiskin is sure to meet these needs as it is multifunctional, effective and science backed.

BASF Care Creations North America is offering an inspirational sample kit showcasing Mimiskin’s pollution protection qualities and versatility via the following three formulations:

  1. City Slicker Detox Serum–A moisturizing serum that works to undo the harsh effects of pollution and other external stressors, leaving skin feeling radiant and smooth. 
  2. Urban Protection HydraGel Primer—Great to wear under or over makeup as it offers a breathable layer of protection for your skin. The cascade of emollients creates a viscous gel texture that delivers a soft after-feel on the skin. 
  3. Pollution Defense Daily Moisturizer—Provides a surge of hydration through the light, velvety texture and daily protection to prevent negative impacts of pollution.

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*Sample kits are subject to availability and for accredited companies only. Sample kits are NOT available for individual consumers. BASF reserves the right to decline any requests.


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