Symrise Partners for 2009 Active Launch

Symrise has obtained exclusive marketing rights to new cosmetic active ingredients from its strategic partnership with biotech specialists. The product launch resulting from the partnership is planned for 2009.

These results were achieved in a joint development project with biotech specialist BRAIN and natural-product company AnalytiCon. The license gives Symrise international marketing rights. The goal of the strategic partnership was initiated in April 2007 to jointly develop innovative and all-natural active ingredients for use in cosmetics.

By June 30, 2008, the three cooperation partners successfully completed two screening procedures to identify multiple groups of innovative active ingredients thus enabling Symrise to develop new active components for use in cosmetics.

As of October 1, 2008, Symrise has acquired the exclusive marketing rights to two of these groups of active ingredients. Clinical tests have proven the high efficacy of both groups, and Symrise will now develop them with the goal of a market launch in 2009. They will be used primarily in deodorants as well as products for sensitive skin.

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