Hair Growth Molecule Launched With Lower Molecular Weight

DS Laboratories, Inc. has created a hair growth molecule that was designed to stimulate follicles at the vertex of the scalp. Nanoxidil (INCI: Not Provided) is said to have a molecular weight that is lower than minoxidil.

According to the company, a lower molecular weight allows the molecule penetrate better than minoxidil. In addition, the company noted that the molecule has better tolerability than minoxidil.

The molecules precise mechanism of action is still under study. Researchers expect it to potentiate desirable properties and mitigate side effects, compared to minoxidil. Studies of minoxidil have shown it to open ion channels, induce resting follicles into growth phase, increase follicle size, relax vascular smooth muscle and stimulate vascular endothelial growth factor. The new hair growth molecule's lower molecular weight may boost its absorption properties for greater efficacy.

The company notes that the molecules does not require health agency approval in most countries. The first product formulated with 5% Nanoxidil will be Spectral.DNC-N, which is produced by DS Laboratories, the flagship brand for Divine Skin.

According to the company, it expects that the new molecule will efficaciously treat hair loss fast and with enhanced tolerability. In addition, it finds that the molecule may treat those who have not responded to minoxidil therapy.

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